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About the Book

Fifteen-year-old Ryosuke Hinode goes to live at his clan chief’s home on the opposite shore of Biwa Lake (Biwako), in order to attend high school and study the clan’s hidden art. A fresh school means everything that a teenager could dream of: music, a girlfriend, freedom…but in his case there is even more in store. The clan chief’s house is a classical Palace in a genuine Castle! Every meal is a delicacy he’s never heard of. But not everything is so awesome. An assortment of ridiculous characters live there, including the family’s heir, a fat kid who is also one of Ryosuke’s classmates. His name is Tanjuro and he’s a natural born lord who immediately makes Ryosuke his squire.

The Hinode clan are Lake People, given a great power from Biwako, and they’ve been enjoying their success. But there is another Lake People family, gifted with another power, and the two families have been archenemies for a millennium. The rival family’s heir is also in their class: a good looking cool guy who happens to be a pretentious bastard. Hiromi Natsume steals every girl’s heart including the first girl that Tanjuro ever falls in love with.

With a broken heart, Tanjuro challenges Hiromi and the two powerful families meet to battle, when another man suddenly appears and dominates them all with his overwhelming powers. To fight against him the boys must join forces and learn their own secret power, Shu Ra Ra Boom!

Ordinary high school life becomes a hilarious nightmare in this rollicking tale of friendship. It is an urban fantasy without vampires or zombies, but you’ll meet a dragon of sorts. A bestseller in Japan and a forthcoming theatrical movie, The Great Shu Ra Ra Boom will make you laugh, cry and reminisce about the days when you were young and life was filled with miracles.


“I told you, you need to shut up!”

Before I could even wonder what was up, this six foot tall guy grabbed me by the jacket. Immediately he punched me in the left side of the face, and I went flying. Screams filled the classroom, and the guy came and stood over me where I lay stunned on the floor, a hateful look on his face.

“Don’t you mess with me. Next time I’ll kill you,” he spat. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Skinny Eyebrows, too, was stuck to the spot, looking really confused.

“Hiromi Natsume,” a quiet voice said. The tall guy, who was still looking at me like he was about to beat me again, swiveled toward the source of the new voice. With my head on the floor, I turned, too.

Tanjuro had at last taken notice of all the commotion and stood up from his seat. He was facing our way with a slightly amused smile on his face.

“That is Ryosuke. He only got to Iwabashiri yesterday.” He stuck both hands in his pockets, puffing his chest up like a chubby pigeon.

The guy was silent for a moment just looking at Tanjuro, but then he turned back to me.

“Watch it,” he said in a very low hiss, and returned to his seat.

I picked myself up while keeping an eye on him to make sure he wasn’t coming back. A pair of red trousers appeared next to me. I saw Tanjuro looking down at me. He was still smiling.

“You’re interesting. You don’t know anything, do you?” He said it in a low voice so that nobody else could hear, then added, “I like you.”


“You’re bleeding, wipe it.” He handed me a handkerchief. For once something he owned wasn’t red, but brown and black.

“Hey, Ryosuke,” he crouched down beside me, wearing a faint smile and a funny look in his eyes. I glared up at him, the handkerchief stuck to the side of my lip. Unexpectedly he broke into a full grin. Tanjuro jabbed his finger in my face and announced, “You’re going to be my squire.”


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